Accumen targets long term partnerships with its clients for recruiting the most competent profiles in a fast and efficient way.
Although Accumen offers the greatest flexibility, we propose the following standard services:

External recruitment specialists

Whether you need an external recruiter to help you manage your workload, bring a specific expertise, or add a new vibe to your team, we will find the right recruiter for you.

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ICT and Engineering Contracting and try&hire

Supporting ever-changing needs through flexible programme solutions

Looking for an external, either ACCUMEN employee or freelance, a  temporay expert for a specific project on a temporary basis? At Accumen Contracting, our role is to help organizations deliver successful Projects. We do this by resourcing professionals quickly, efficiently and cost effectively.

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Permanent Recruitment

Our permanent recruitment team offers tailored recruitment services for an array of businesses in all sectors, ranging from emerging start-ups, right through to some of the industry’s most respected organizations. Accumen’s recruitment consultants are some of the most respected in the industry, combining deep knowledge with a strong understanding of our client’s businesses. Whatever the position we are selected to recruit for, Accumen delivers a solution quickly, efficiently and to the exacting standards demanded in today’s marketplace.

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Recruiting and placing the most competent candidates in a quick and efficient manner

Recruitment Process: unique , innovative with focus on delivering results

Accumen’s approach to recruitment is both innovative and effective. We select candidates according to a detailed range of competences which are matched to our client’s expectations. This ensures that in addition to technical ability, the ‘soft-skills’ of a candidate must also match a client’s demands before they will be fully considered for the role.

This comparison is visualised in a comprehensive radar plot: