Accumen Partner: “Employer and employee get to know one another before committing, this is not temping to be clear, Employees get a contract for undetermined duration.”

“Try & Hire” is an opportunity to “get to know each other” during a worker’s initial period of temporary employment in your company, helping both sides to test the water and decide whether they make a good match.

Why Accumen Try & Hire?
  • Avoids appointing the wrong person
  • Combines the benefits of temporary employment and staff recruitment
  • No fixed recruitment costs
  • The opportunity to get to know each other without any risk
This is how easy Accumen Try & Hire really is

You let our Accumen recruiters know what you need, and we get together to define a profile of requirements; then Accumen pre-selects the candidates and presents those most suitable for the position. Initially, Accumen hires the carefully selected employee. Your company can then decide to take on the employee at no extra charge following a 6-months to one year induction and probationary period. This is a back to back contract according to Belgian regulated employment laws.

Are you seeking your next profile in a “try & hire formula? Contact us